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Brief history of Duncan Matheson & his farm on the Big Sandy River.

A photocopied image of a billiards (pool) hall in Matheson, Colorado in the early 1900s.

An image of the students and teacher(s) of the Cheyenne school house in the 1920s. According to contributor Mina Coonts, the school house served the Matheson area. The scanned photograph has three names, "Pena, Lula, and Stella" written above…

An image of the teacher and students in front of the Cheyenne school house. According to contributor Mina Coonts, this school served the Matheson area.

A photocopy of an original image of a bank in Matheson, Colorado believed to have been taken in the early twentieth century. Someone has handwritten "Matheson Bank" in cursive on top of the picture.

An image of farmer Fred Isgar picking corn in the Matheson area of Elbert County, Colorado.
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